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Top 10 Things You Should Know This Week


10. During final remarks as US ambassador to the UN,Susan Rice says history will “judge harshly” Security Council inaction in Syria

9. Syrian foreign minister says the government will attend peace talks in Geneva to form a unity government, not allow transfer of power

8. Syrian conflict continues to spill over into Lebanon, including bus passengers stabbed in Beirut and Nusra Front rebels attacking the Lebanese army.

7. Damascus hit by suicide attack near the Maryameye Orthodox Church, at least 4 dead

6. Observatory for Human Rights claims the death toll in Syria has topped 100,000

5. Over 150,000 government protests have occurred in Brazil (check back tomorrow for more details!) and protests continue despite government concessions

4. Turkey’s EU bid delayed amid reports of arrests connected to recent protests

3. South Sudan closer to obtaining oil pipeline

2. Tribal clashes kill at least 40 people near Darfur

1. Cambodia begins election campaign that is expected to continue the reign of Prime Minister Hun Sen

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