The student-led movement to end mass atrocities.

What We Do

We believe that the only way to end genocide and mass atrocities forever is to build a permanent anti-genocide constituency that holds leaders accountable for taking action to stop global atrocities. We are the anti-genocide generation.

STAND believes that ending and preventing mass atrocities takes pragmatic, innovative, and creative solutions. But without a core constituency of people who care about this issue, atrocities prevention will take a backseat on the priority list of our elected officials. STAND is building and sustaining a permanent anti-genocide constituency so that our elected officials and administration know that preventing and ending atrocities is a priority.

Students at schools across the world have started STAND chapters and have organized around STAND actions.  As the key actors in the fight to build political will for ending genocide, students in STAND organize and educate their peers and communities, advocate to their elected officials for substantial legislative action, divest their schools, cities, and states, and fundraise for civilian protection.  Through our campaigns, numerous advocacy and education resources, and help from up our Student Leadership Team, we aim to equip students around the country with the tools to build political will in their communities and strengthen our overall goal of sustaining a permanent anti-genocide constituency. Concurrently we are investing in the next generation of thought leaders in the genocide prevention movement. Through training programs and annual retreats we are fostering and harnessing new and innovative strategies that will guide the atrocity prevention movement now and in the future.