The student-led movement to end mass atrocities.


Genocide Education

Education about genocide equips students with the ability to educate their peers and communities, learn from previous acts of genocide and mass atrocities, and strengthen the anti-genocide constituency. STAND supports students and young activists working to mandate genocide education across the United States.

Recently Ended Campaigns


THSEach year, STAND’s Action Committees and Managing Committee plan several campaigns. A campaign is a series of tactics, or actions, planned to target specific decisionmakers to force a specific change. We often run campaigns related to our Priority issues, as well as broader topics related to atrocity prevention and peacebuilding. All of STAND’s campaigns are planned strategically and built on our principles:

We are accessible | We build power while showing power | We aren’t afraid to push buttons |
We use strategy in every action | We evaluate our impact | We celebrate our wins | We go deep and wide