The student-led movement to end mass atrocities.

Youth, Peace, and Security

Young people have always played an important role in driving change and progress. From the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and the Civil Rights Movement, to the young people fighting for climate justice in the present day, we have seen the power of young organizers countless times in the United States.

Despite the important role that youth play in determining the future of their communities, the U.S. lacks a comprehensive strategy to address youth in areas where conflicts are occurring. The U.S. is in desperate need of policies assisting and recognizing youth. If young people are not included in peacebuilding efforts, are not included in determining what peace looks like, and cannot make their needs heard, conflict is more likely to re-emerge in the future. Moreover, many youth are already doing important work to promote peace and support people currently affected by conflict. They and other youth need access to aid and international support.

STAND, as a youth-led organization, is committed to the power of youth to bring positive change to their communities, and we stand in solidarity with youth around the world.

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In addition to this campaign, STAND is proud to be a co-chair of the United States Youth, Peace, and Security Coalition, along with Search for Common Ground, that includes over 70 organizations! New members are welcome.

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