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Weekly News Briefs – July 24, 2008


The secuity situation in Darfur is constantly changing and getting increasinly usntable: the UN is investigating an alleged attack on the rebel group SLM-Minawi by the Sudanese army, which is the second of such attacks. The Sudanese government confirmed the clashes.

UNAMID is facing increasing difficulties and criticism. The Sudanese Government has gone back and forth on whether it will expel UNAMID if Bashir is indicted. The UN is also discussing peacekeeping as the mandate for the UNAMID peacekeeping force expires soon.

The debate over the ICC indictment has made its way to the United Nations, which is split on the issue.

A very interesting article about the role of military contractors Blackwater in the creation of safe humanitarian space in Darfur.


In Abyei, Sudanese Forces are reported to begin their withdrawal, marking progress in the path to peace for Abyei.

In larger Sudan news, Salva Kiir, the Chairman of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, the former southern rebel group, and current Vice President of Sudan has declared his intentions to run for President of Sudan in 2009. There is much electoral mobilizing happening among former and current Sudanese rebel groups.

Sri Lanka:

The Sri Lankan government rejected a unilateral ceasefire offered by the LTTE, during the regional summit this weekend.

This week, Sri Lanka marked the 25th anniversary of the 1983 anti-Tamil riots, commonly known as “Black July”, during which about 3000 Tamils were killed in government-orchestrated riots.

This week, a Chinese Minister assured Sri Lanka of continued Chinese financial support.

During the last four weeks, over 45,000 Tamils have been displaced in the Northeast due to shelling and aerial bombings.

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