The student-led movement to end mass atrocities.

Team Openings

MC 17-18

From the beginning, STAND has been student-led, not only at the campus level but also at the national level. STAND offers two types of national leadership positions: Managing Committee positions, and Task Force positions. The Managing Committee is responsible for developing STAND’s national advocacy campaigns, crafting our public brand and messaging, and coordinating our grassroots outreach efforts. Task Force members work with the Managing Committee to develop resources for our grassroots members, assist with policy analysis, and provide support to other crucial day-to-day functions.

Managing Committee (MC) Positions

Interested in joining a group of the most passionate, hardworking, and hilarious student leaders around? Ready to up your impact and take your activism to the next level, all the while learning how nonprofits work from the inside? Look no further than the STAND Managing Committee! The Managing Committee (MC) is STAND’s national governing body, from organizing national campaigns and programming to running our outreach efforts on the ground. The MC is responsible for looking out for STAND’s long-term future, and making sure we’re doing all we can to work towards ending and preventing genocide and mass atrocities.

MC Members should expect to spend an average of 10 hours per week in their role, and all MC members are expected to attend all-expenses-paid summer and winter MC Retreats in Washington, DC for training, bonding, and campaign planning! Applicants should be prepared to attend weekly MC Calls and weekly Programmatic or Outreach Calls, based on position. Any questions? Send us an email at!

Managing Committee

West Region Field Organizer

STAND can have the most well-informed Education Coordinator, the wonkiest Policy analysts, and the most creative Campaigns Coordinator to ever walk the face of the earth… but none of it would mean anything without our Grassroots Organizing Team. As a Field Organizer, you’ll be responsible for maintaining and tracking our most important resource: our grassroots network. You’ll develop relationships with chapters and contacts to promote STAND’s national programming. You’ll serve as the all-important voice of STAND’s membership on the Managing Committee, ensuring that our campaigns and resources meet the needs and interests of our members. You yourself will serve as a vital resource to the STAND constituency, using your own organizing skills to be a mentor, guide, and sounding board. If all of this sounds intimidating, don’t worry – you’ll have lots if support. If you’re a good listener, are willing to speak your mind, and have experience as an active chapter leader, member, or community organizer, you have what it takes to be a great Field Organizer!

Weekly time commitment: An average of 10 hours per week


  • Actively participate in STAND’s campaign creation, implementation, and feedback processes.
  • Develop relationships with existing chapters and contacts in your region to support and advise their advocacy efforts, conveying excitement, enthusiasm and motivation for their work and STAND’s campaigns; send regular newsletters and action opportunities to regional contacts; and hold regular calls with your contacts to keep informed of their efforts and keep them up-to-date on STAND’s initiatives
  • Work with our National Outreach Coordinator to reach out to potential new contacts and expand STAND’s grassroots presence across the U.S.
  • Convey grassroots priorities and requests to the MC during campaign creation and throughout implementation; work with the Communications Team to amplify regional efforts and successes; and help with resource creation for grassroots members

Required Skills:

  • Demonstrated record of success as a grassroots organizer, in a STAND chapter and/or in other related capacities
  • Ability to motivate local activists by conveying excitement and enthusiasm about STAND, STAND’s initiatives, and the cause of atrocity prevention
  • Capacity to develop strong personal and working relationships with volunteer leaders of varying degrees of commitment and engagement. You should feel comfortable talking with chapter leaders one-on-one, whether over the phone, skype, or email.
  • Strong organization skills, and ability keep track of communication with multiple individuals and constituencies
  • Instinct for marketing multiple initiatives to different groups according to their interests
  • Previous leadership experience in a STAND chapter (or closely related campus organization) preferred

Click here to access the application. The application deadline is rolling until Sunday, July 1 at 11:59 PM, though we encourage applicants to submit as early as possible, as we will consider candidates in the order in which applications are received. Please direct any questions to

Task Forces

Without our dedicated Task Forces, we would have no power! We are looking for state-based grassroots organizers, writers, and policy analysts to help us fulfill our goals of building an informed and engaged grassroots constituency across the U.S. Join us!

State Advocacy Leads

As a grassroots movement, we are working to build a community of activists in every state across the country in order to make an impact on local, state, and national policy. As a State Advocacy Coordinator, you will connect to influential grasstops and grassroots leaders in your state, plan local advocacy strategy with our Outreach and Advocacy Teams, write op-eds, lobby locally, and mobilize people in your state to take urgent actions.

Primarily works with: Advocacy Coordinator

Weekly Time Commitment: Approximately 5 hours per week

Position-Specific Requirements:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Understanding of basic advocacy and campaign strategy
  • Ability to learn about state-specific politics and policymaking processes
  • Strong writing skills

Click here to access the application. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, but priority will be given to those who apply by July 30, 2018. Please direct any questions to

Education Task Force

As a member of the Education Task Force, you will form a vital part of STAND’s student leadership team. As a conflict specialist, you will draft regular news briefs on your region for our constituency; update and develop educational resources such as one pagers, blog posts, PowerPoints, and webinars; and advise the STAND Managing Committee on relevant policy points on your region.

As a Conflict Coordinator, your primary duties will be to assist the Education Coordinator with the Weekly News Brief by compiling and summarizing pertinent articles related to mass atrocity situations in your region of focus; and to inform STAND’s Leadership Team on possible avenues for policy leverage on conflict(s) in your region. As events on the ground in each region are ever-evolving, you will be responsible for sending a policy brief once or twice a month to STAND’s leadership team.

Within your position, you’ll act as a resource for STAND’s leadership and membership on the conflict(s) in your region of focus, by assisting in the creation of educational materials and blog posts on the history, context, and root causes of the conflict(s); the research behind possible options for U.S. policy to mitigate the conflict(s); and assistance of the Managing Committee in developing national campaigns related to the conflict(s).

Works with: Education Task Force Members, Education Coordinator

Weekly time commitment: Approximately 5 hours per week

Position-specific qualifications:

  • Interest in developing a nuanced, sophisticated understanding of your conflict(s) of focus
  • Strong research and writing skills
  • Ability to track, comprehend, and compile news reports, policy briefs, etc. for STAND’s regular Weekly News Brief
  • Ability to communicate complex information to audiences of all knowledge levels
  • Background knowledge, previous coursework, and/or previous research experience related to the region for which you are applying will be helpful but not necessary.

Positions Available:

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, but priority will be given to those who apply by July 30, 2018. Please direct any questions to

Communications Task Force

We’re looking for activists to write quality posts for our blog and to write for local publications. As a member of the Communications Task Force, you will be responsible for researching and writing a minimum of one blog post and/or one local opinion piece per month. Each team member will work with our Communications Coordinator to expand their knowledge about STAND’s conflict areas, fine-tune their writing abilities, and producing content for our widely read national blog and other local or campus publications.

Primarily works with: Communications Coordinators

Weekly time commitment: Approximately 2-3 hours per week

Position-Specific Qualifications:

  • Strong writing skills
  • Experience writing opinion pieces, newspaper articles, and/or blog posts preferred
  • A passion for human rights and our anti-genocide mission

Click here to access the applicationApplications will be accepted on a rolling basis, but priority will be given to those who apply by July 30, 2018. Please direct any questions to