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Congo Education Call Thursday at 8!

Get the latest on what’s going on in the Democratic Republic of Congo! Learn more about the conflict and get the most up to date news available from the ENOUGH Project’s Congo Campaign Manager, Candice Knezevic. Candice just returned from the region and will be joining us on the call this Thursday at 8 PM EST to answer your questions!  Don’t forget to jump on the call!  Simply dial (269) 320-8300 and punch in the access code, 349902#, when prompted.

As we continue to build a truly permanent constituency of citizens dedicated to not just ending genocide, but preventing future atrocities, we must continue to monitor other areas of concern and human rights violations around the world.  To be prepared to take action when opportunities arise first requires each and every one of us to stay fully educated on the issue and our potential role in bringing the crisis to an end.  So spread the word and join us this Thursday at 8 PM EST to learn more about the DRC and how we can hold the world accountable to their pledges of never again!

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