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So You Want To Be Communications Coordinator?

Fast Facts: Sonia Sen is STAND’s amazing Communications Coordinator. She attends the University of Arizona, where she’s majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Spanish and Geography (she’s the definition of worldly). She also is lucky enough to have the cutest dog in the world, Teddy.

Why did you first get involved in STAND and how have you been involved since then?
I got involved in STAND my freshman year in high school in 2006 (whoa, that was a while ago..) while in a geography class and encouraged by my awesome teacher. I’ve stayed involved in my high school and college chapters throughout the years from benefit concerts to fashion shows. My first experience with STAND National was when I got to go to STAND Camp in 2011 and I met some of my best friends ever <3

What has your experience being on the MC been like?
Nothing short of amazing. It has definitely been overwhelming at times but I wouldn’t choose any other organization to be so involved with. The things that we get accomplished as a group of college students across the nation over email honestly blows my mind. And we only get better at it everyday. Everyone on the MC is such a great person on top of everything I’m really glad that I’ve got to know everyone through being on the MC.

Can you tell us a little about what you do in your role as Communications Coordinator?
Sure I can, but I’m not very communicative. JK. I basically get to “ok” what STAND says. So everything from facebook to twitter to emails to blogs, goes through me–and sometimes I help out in the content. My main job is just making sure that people know what STAND is up to on the national level but also locally on chapter levels as well.

What’s one thing you’ve learned from your time in STAND, whether as a result of your experiences with your chapter, or being involved on the national level?
That people really do care about the big picture. I think it’s easy to assume that no one cares about issues because all you hear about is Justin Bieber (literally, it’s been four years people–my whole entire college career) or whatever fun fad is going on. But with STAND I’ve met people at my own university and across the nation that are so passionate about STAND and all sorts of issues beyond. Moreover, not only do they care but they act too. I can never actually feel sad about our generation not caring because of the very existence of STAND.

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