The student-led movement to end mass atrocities.

Announcing the Winners of STAND’s 2012 Human Rights Essay Contest

Last semester, high school and college students from across the country submitted entries to STAND’s Fall 2012 Human Rights Essay Contest. The prompt for the contest was as follows:

Select an ongoing mass atrocity event anywhere in the world, discuss its relevance to U.S. foreign policy priorities, and identify potential approaches that the U.S. government might take to address the mass atrocity event.

We received essays that focused on a wide range of conflict areas and identified numerous potential policy solutions. Today, we are happy to announce the winning essays in the high school and college categories, which were chosen by a selection committee drawn from STAND’s national leadership team. You can check them out below. Sincere congratulations to the winners!

College category: “Alleviating the Humanitarian Crisis in the Congo,” by Emma Smith and Christine Garcia, Dartmouth College

High school category: “Salutary for Both: Darfur and the United States,” by Won Chung, Harriton High School (Haverford, PA)

Note: the winning essays were chosen primarily on the basis of clarity of writing and analysis, to showcase examples of thought leadership by high school and college students on STAND’s issues of focus. The policy proposals contained in the essays reflect the views of the individual authors, and not necessarily of STAND national.

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