The student-led movement to end mass atrocities.


We like to take ourselves seriously. Really seriously. We like to wear suits and suitpants, write letters to our congressmembers, use acronyms like GenPrev or R2P, and write legislation that divests our government from black-listed oil companies.

But we can have fun too.

Get a peak into our fun side at our new tumblr: #WhatShouldSTANDCallMe. Feel free to ask us any questions there and even submit your own posts or ideas. We’d love to hear from you and feature your ideas!

A quick sample:

When people tell me the STAND MC has #Swag

On the outside, I’m like:

But, on the inside I’m like duhh

Over the next couple of months, you’re going to see some big changes around STAND. So, stay tuned for more STAND swag and don’t forget to apply for our leadership team!


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