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Burma Normalization: Procede With Caution

As the school year winds down and summer begins, our jobs as civilian protection advocates are not complete.  As Burma slowly continues down the road to civilian control, the Obama Administration is ready to lift a first round of sanctions.  However, many activists, both American and Burmese, have urged caution as the US normalizes its relationship with Burma.  Renewing the Burmese Freedom and Democracy Act is a crucial step to maintaining pressure on the Burmese military and urging more reform.  

As a student civilian protection organization, we can use our leverage as informed advocates and citizens to pressure our Congresspeople to co-sponsor and pass the act.  By informing your chapter, local networks, family, and friends and taking action through 1-800-Genocide, we can help ensure that reform in Burma continues.  

As always, the STAND Managing Committee is here to support your efforts as you educate, organize, and lobby.  Ask us for help, for guidance, and to amplify your actions and the actions of your communities as you work to pass the Burmese Freedom and Democracy Act and promote substantive reform.  

Acess more information about the act and our efforts here


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