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Cupcakes Bring In Informed First-Time Voters

By Chapter Leader Rachel Wald

Senioritis has definitely kicked in, but so has the realization that we are FINALLY voting members of society!

With political campaigns on our mind, we wanted to get our peers as excited as we are. At our public high school in Oregon, however, we knew this might be slightly challenging.

We decided there is one thing that speaks loudly to broke, stressed-out, high-schoolers: free food.

With Valentine’s Day looming, tasty sweets seemed the best option.

A few of us met over the weekend with frosting, cupcake mix, and sprinkles in hand, baking batches of sweets to lure new voters.

Throughout the week during lunch, we set up camp in our school’s main hallway, giving free treats to those who visited us, had a quick conversation with us regarding the candidates, and left with the campaign materials.

Hoping to kill two birds with one stone (…or feed two with one hand… much more peaceful), we also welcomed new member sign-ups, especially targeting the underclassmen. Our chapter has found itself in a pickle, realizing we don’t have someone to take over leadership of the group next year. The cupcakes and cookies were a great way to tell more people about STAND and convince some younger students to join.

Although most students came looking for a chocolate fix to ease the Valentine’s Day blues, they left as either more informed voters or as possible new members of our Lincoln High School STAND chapter!

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