The student-led movement to end mass atrocities.

Help STAND Raise $500 Through 100,000 Clicks!


It’s not too often we can raise money just from the click of a button. Usually, it requires much time and effort to hold a fundraiser.

Well not anymore. STAND was selected by YouthNoise, a nonprofit project that promotes youth leadership and social action, to win $500 through their Just 1 Click Campaign. YouthNoise users nominated and voted upon STAND to be the featured organization for February.

Here’s how it works: If STAND receives 100,000 clicks in February, we will receive a check for $500. That’s it! Please help us get $500!

Don’t be shy! Go to this website, and put your mouse to good use because individual user clicks are unlimited — so everyone can click as much as they want! 

Help us get to 100,000 clicks today. Tweet your followers. Post it to your friends on Facebook. Call your grandma and tell her to go online and click. This is a great opportunity, and we need YOU to get to 100,000 clicks. 



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