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Cooperstown Central School “Special Week”- Big Success


“Special Week” at Cooperstown Central School, run by STAND at CCS and part of STAND’s 12 Days of STAND campaign, surpassed our fundraising goals and reached out to many students in the school. STANDLearn was a fantastic success: we filled an entire classroom with pizza-munching students who were interested and asked plenty of questions about the complex conflicts in Sudan and Darfur. Dedicated STAND members spent their lunch periods selling candy cane-grams and ice cream sundaes, raising a total of $1,212 for GI-Net and the Panzi Hospital. The candy cane-grams especially were a hit, and STAND members will spend the next week attaching over 1,200 candy canes to the messages. STAND members watched “The Devil Came on Horseback” on Thursday night, and then a group of STAND members and other students were drawn in by the smell of pizza on Friday afternoon to STANDAdvocate. We talked about how to target our senators and the Secretary of State, and STAND members and students got their first taste of calling 1-800-GENOCIDE and writing letters. Due to freezing temperatures and a poorly-heated venue, the Open Mic Night was not as well-attended as was hoped, but huddling together around vats of hot chocolate and listening to music was a fun way to end CCS STAND’s "Special Week."


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