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Cooperstown Central School Hosts Second Annual “Special Week”

Cooperstown Central School’s STAND is having their second annual "Special Week." The week is kicked off with STANDLearn, where students from all grade levels come, enjoy pizza and learn about Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo from our expert core members. After our start in education, we hope that the students will be more involved and aware of the other upcoming events. To raise money for GI-NET, STAND members are rolling up their sleeves and serving ice cream sundaes throughout the lunch periods to grades eight through twelve. The momentum we gain throughout the week from STANDLearn, and from daily announcements of facts about genocides, will translate into an advocacy event on Friday: STANDAdvocate. As it is our first advocacy event ever, STAND members at CCS are a little nervous, but also very excited to spend an hour calling 1-800-GENOCIDE! We’re hoping to get a taste of what real advocacy and lobbying are. Finally, the "Special Week" will close with an Open Mic Night at a local venue: we have bands coming in from several different schools, and there will be plenty of music, poetry, and food for both the students and the community to enjoy! 

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