The student-led movement to end mass atrocities.

Block Genocide! An upSTANDer’s story from New Jersey

In 2009, the ERASE (End Racism and Sexism Everywhere) Club of Whippany Park High School, Whippany, New Jersey, began the activities required to become an official STAND chapter. To kick off our Block Genocide fundraising campaign, the club sponsored an expert speaker, who educated the high school about genocide. ERASE has also hosted weekend educational movies, including The Pianist and The Killing Fields.


For the Block Genocide fundraiser, a resident in the town donated ceramic tiles, which were cut into blocks by a local business. Senior citizens joined STAND members in January to paint inspirational words on over 170 ceramic blocks. These blocks were then given to anyone who donated at least $1 to STAND’s parent organization, Genocide Intervention Network. Candy bars, which were wrapped and inscribed with inspirational messages, were also available to donors. Club members collected over 300 signatures on petitions, which were delivered to New Jersey Representative Frelinghuysen. Check out the link to the newspaper coverage of our block event!

Feel free to contact me if you’re in New Jersey and want to get involved or for more information!
Emily Pinnes
ERASE Club President


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