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900 and counting…

Guest post by Gabi Arons and Nicole DeChello, Amnity High School

Nicole and Gabi here. We’re Amity High School’s Canvass leaders in Woodbridge, CT.

After the Pledge2Protect Conference, we were so inspired to head the canvass at our school, so we got right to work. Three very long weeks later, December 1st finally came. We had planned for Amity STAND club members to go into every classroom (therefore talking to EVERY student at Amity) and tell students about the National Canvass and ask them to sign pledges.

We have not counted the total number of pledges we received yet, but we are estimating having collected about 900 pledges in just the first day. We are so happy at our incredible start to the week, and hope to keep it up – our goal is to collect 2,000 pledges.

Check out our Facebook group “CT Pledges to Protect” for all our upcoming events. Feel free to e-mail and/or message both of us on Facebook if you have any comments, questions, or want to network or collaborate ideas, or just to talk about how amazing STAND is!

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