The student-led movement to end mass atrocities.

University of Central Florida takes the Pledge

Today, we kicked off the Pledge2Protect canvass. In cooperation with the Genocide Intervention Network and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, we are asking people across the country to take the pledge to prevent genocide.

To do this, chapters are holding awesome events throughout this week to educate about the ongoing conflicts and motivate people to take action. Not only this, but they are using these events as a chance to collect pledges from the attendees.

One such school is the University of Central Florida. Tomorrow, their chapter is hosting a screening of “Darfur Now” on their campus in an effort to bring a more personalized account of the conflict in Darfur to their student body and collect 1,000 pledges.

This newly formed chapter (they only joined STAND earlier this semester after the Pledge2Protect conference) is, in the words of vice-president Brittany Duhrkoff, committed to taking a STAND against genocide because they realize that “once you allow yourself to feel what these people are feeling and hurt like they’re hurting, you really can’t turn back.”

Join Brittany, the student of University of Central Florida, and over 34,000 other people across the country in taking the Pledge2Protect by either hosting your own event or taking the pledge now! A few minutes of your time could make a world of difference.

Is your chapter holding an event? E-mail about it and you could be featured on our blog!

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