The student-led movement to end mass atrocities.

A Reality Check on Sudan

In the past 6 years Darfur has taken center stage in international politics, and has ignited the largest student activism campaigns since the Vietnam era. 

      We have seen the birth of many NGOs focused on the issues in Darfur including STAND, the Save Darfur Coalition, the Genocide Intervention Network, and the Enough Project, as well as special focus from Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch

      Despite the many activist efforts and the attention of the international community violence in Darfur has continued to persist.  This past week alone thousands were displaced by violence in Jebel Marra which left 11 dead.  Next month peace talks are expected to resume between the rebel groups and the Sudanese government, and as activist groups preach, government groups discuss, and violence continues it is important to remember that we need to listen to the voices of the victims.  IDPs in Darfur  are asking the government of Sudan and the international community to consider their demands.  Their demands are simple, yet complex: security and the return to their land. 

      As the international community pushes for peace in Darfur it is imperative that the victims and their demands are always considered in whatever deal is contrived.  So as you push the Darfur agenda at your school and in your community don’t forget about the victim’s agenda to achieve lasting peace. 

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