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Urge the House Foreign Affairs Committee to ask Secretary Clinton about Darfur

Tomorrow, Secretary Clinton will appear before the House Foreign Affairs Committee to discuss the foreign policy priorities of the Obama administration. Call members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and urge them to ask questions of the Secretary about Darfur. Here are some sample questions below:

  • What is the Administration doing to address the humanitarian crisis that has been exacerbated by the government of Sudan’s decision to expel aid groups at the beginning of March? What actions are being considered to ensure that the 1 million Darfuris at risk of losing access to food, water and medical assistance do not go without these life-saving resources?

  • As you know, during its brutal war in Southern Sudan, Khartoum has cut off access to humanitarian aid with devastating effects for civilians. Will the United States allow mass starvation and disease if Khartoum does not respond to diplomatic entreaties? What steps is the United States prepared to take if the Government of Sudan does not reverse the humanitarian expulsions?

  • Special Envoy Gration used very conciliatory language when he was visiting Khartoum, despite the counter-productive actions of Bashir and the Government of Sudan. Can you please explain this? How does the US intend to change the status quo in Sudan?

Here are the House Foreign Affairs Commitee members. If you click on a name you will be taken to their personal page, where you can find their phone numbers.

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