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STAND Leadership Team: A Learning Experience

If you’re a regular reader of the STAND Blog, if you get our action alerts and newsletters, or if you’re in contact with your Outreach Coordinator, then chances are you’ve already heard a lot about some of the amazing positions STAND is offering to students next year.  The reason we just won’t shut up about these positions is that the STAND Student Leadership Team is committed to passing the torch to an even stronger group of leaders next year.

Within STAND, students literally do it all.  When I first became Communications Coordinator two years ago (with the scary feeling that I was in over my head), I immediately began researching effective marketing techniques, best practices team management, and press outreach tips.  Two years later, I can now say I have extensive experience in media relations, mass communications and marketing, and volunteer management. I’ve helped STAND appear in USA Today, The Washington Post, and CNN.  I’ve run media advocacy workshops for hundreds of students all across the country. And, perhaps most importantly, I’ve been an integral part of STAND’s organizational development over the last 2 years.

Believe me, I’m not saying any of this to show off.  Two years into the job, and I feel like there’s still way too much left to learn.  What you should take from this is that a position on the STAND Leadership Team is going to force you to improve upon important skills, ones that you can use in future jobs, internships, or just life in general.  So don’t think of the positions as just a few hours of volunteering every week – they’re much more than that, and they’ll do much more for you.

Talk to anyone on the STAND Leadership Team to find out more about the positions available; we’re all happy to get you more info about any of them.  Even after hearing about them for weeks, you probably don’t have a grasp of the sheer number of opportunities there are for you.  On the Communications Team alone, we’re looking for a Marketing Coordinator, a Media Coordinator, Regional Media Coordinators, a Messaging and Editing Specialist, a Video Specialist, and a Social Media Specialist.  So keep looking into the best position for you, and apply soon!

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