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President Obama Names Special Envoy to Sudan

After repeated calls from the activist community since the start of Obama’s administration, President Obama named General Scott Gration to be special envoy to Sudan. Scott Gration is a retired general from the Air Force who visited Chad with President Obama in 2006 when Obama was a senator. Gration grew up in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, speaks Swahili, and advised Obama during his campaign on African affairs. Having served in the Air Force for 32 years in the Air Force, he was in the Gulf War and the current Iraq War.

STAND applauds Obama’s timely appointment of General Gration, in light of the recent ordered expulsion of humanitarian aid groups from Darfur, and urges the General to address this urgent crisis as soon as possible.

Call the White House to thank President Obama for this important appointment! Call 1-800-GENOCIDE to be connected to the White House.

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