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A Snapshot of Reactions to the Bashir warrant

The Obama administration called on all parties to urge restraint in the aftermath of the ICC’s decision, and expressed support for efforts to hold the perpetrators of atrocities accountable. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters:

"As this process moves forward, we would urge restraint on the part of all parties, including the government of Sudan…Further violence against civilians, Sudanese or foreign interests is to be avoided and won’t be tolerated."

While the administration has declined to comment on whether it supports the warrant, the State Department says it could help bring peace to the region.

In a statement today, the Government of South Sudan urged Khartoum to cooperate with the ICC, exercise restraint the aftermath of the Court’s decision, and “deal with [the situation] legally.”

Demonstrators in Khartoum protested the arrest warrant and burned an effigy of ICC Prosecutor Luise Moreno Ocampo.

Alain Le Roy, the head of UN peacekeeping, said today that he does not expect to withdraw or draw down peacekeeping troops in Darfur following the warrant. According to Le Roy, the mission will continue to interact with Bashir as necessary.

The ENOUGH Project’s John Norris stated that today is “a very good day for international justice…[and for] improved prospects for peace in Sudan.” ENOUGH’s John Prendergast predicted that the warrant would cause some of Sudan’s most important international backers, including China and the Arab world, to re-evaluate their financial and diplomatic support for the National Congress Party. Click here to read the full statement from ENOUGH.

Want the play-by-play of reactions to the Bashir arrest warrant?

Check out ENOUGH Said, the ENOUGH Project’s blog, UN Dispatch, and’s Stop Genocide blog for great ongoing coverage.

Click here to watch the press conference announcing the ICC’s decision and read the full text of the Court’s statement.

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