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A crazy day for aid groups in Darfur

Just wanted to follow up with a bit of info on the aid groups being kicked out of Sudan.

Following its issuance of the arrest warrant for al-Bashir this morning, international aid agency Oxfam GB confirmed that the Sudanese government revoked its license to operate in northern Sudan. Also revoked were licenses for Mercy Corps, Save the Children, IRC, CHF, MSF. Worldvision and Catholic Relief Services get to stay.

Penny Lawrence, Oxfam’s International Director, said:

"If Oxfam’s registration is revoked, it will affect more than 600,000 Sudanese people whom we provide with vital humanitarian and development aid, including clean water and sanitation on a daily basis. 400,000 of them are affected by the ongoing conflict in Darfur – where people continue to flee from violence and the humanitarian needs remain enormous. It will also affect another 200,000 poor people in the east of the country and Khartoum state."

Cleary, this is a serious development that we need to continue monitoring.  We’ll do our best to keep you posted.

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