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Clooney meets with Executive Branch to discuss Darfur

Actor George Clooney met with President Obama and Vice President Biden separately on Monday evening to discuss his recent trip to Chad with New York Times columnist Nick Kristof. After Clooney’s meeting, he stated in a press conference that the administration was planning on appointing a high-level, special envoy to Sudan. Clooney also said that the administration “assured me that Darfur is one of a small handful of foreign policy reviews being taken at the senior-most level."

The administration has indicated that it will appoint a special envoy once the policy review on Sudan is completed.

A few names have been floated in the past couple of days for potential envoys. Rep. Frank Wolf has recommended former Senator Bill Frist to fill the position. Other contenders for the position are Roger Winter, executive director for U.S. Committee for Refugees, and John Prendergast, co-chair of the ENOUGH Project.

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