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Take the Congo Challenge!

STAND is proud to join our friends over at the Enough Project in taking the Congo Challenge. We knew all our readers would want to take the Challenge, too, so we’ve included a blog post from Candice Knezevic at Enough below. Once you sign up to take the challenge, comment and let us know!

Last weekend, New York Times columnist Bob Herbert wrote an op-ed called “The Invisible War.” In it, he described the unspeakable and horrendous crimes of sexual violence being committed in eastern Congo, where rape is used as a weapon of war on a scale seen nowhere else in the world. Mr. Herbert’s piece ignited hundreds of comments, many of which ask the ubiquitous question, “What can I do?”

Really, the question should be…what can’t you do? There are so many ways that you can be an advocate for the women of Congo. To make it a little easier to answer this question, however, the RAISE Hope for Congo campaign is kicking off a three month “Congo Challenge.” Each month, you’ll get a menu of actions that you can take to make an impact. Whether you only have 5 minutes or 5 hours, there’s an option for you.

In March, we’ll ask you to help us RAISE Awareness and recruit new activists to the movement. This movement is in its infancy, which means we need your help to grow it. In April, we’ll ask you to RAISE Your Voice, and help us hold the electronics industry and our leaders accountable for the scourge of "conflict minerals" in Congo. In May, we’ll ask you to RAISE the Profile of the conflict in Congo by shining a light on our direct link to this ongoing crisis. Each month we’ll have an activist conference call with special guest speakers, and in April, we’ll hold a live advocacy training webinar.

So this spring, challenge yourself to be an advocate for the women of Congo. You have the power to help Congolese women end the violence and change their country’s course. That power is your voice.

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