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After the Fast: Why Donate to GI-NET?

On December 3, you, and thousands of other students like you, took a STAND to protect civilians in Darfur and Burma. Thank you so much for supporting GI-NET’s groundbreaking initiatives to transform the world’s response to genocide from one of humanitarian response to one of prevention and protection.  

STANDFast and Civilian Protection are an important, life-saving part of GI-NET’s work.  But there is so much more to do!  GI-NET and STAND work throughout the year to develop a permanent political constituency equipped with the tools and resources to prevent and stop genocide. You’ve already been a part of these efforts—by organizing events on your campus, by calling 1-800 GENOCIDE to support the Sudan Accountability and Divestment Act and increased U.S. funding for U.N. peacekeeping operations; by sending report cards to your representatives; and by working on movements to successfully divest 27 states and 61 universities from companies funding the Sudanese Government.

And we are just getting started. 

In 2009, GI-NET will continue our advocacy and civilian protection work and will expand beyond Darfur to address other conflict areas in which genocide and mass atrocity are occurring.  Your STAND Chapter can support GI-NET’s work throughout the year by hosting grassroots fundraisers to support our civilian protection AND advocacy efforts. 

We are working to create a world without genocide.  And you are the most important part!  Please visit our fundraising section to get ideas for other events you can hold to support GI-NET’s work throughout the year.

Angie Deane and Victoria Smith,
GI-NET Development Team

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