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Vote To Make Darfur A Priority!

We have an important opportunity to tell the new administration that ending the Darfur genocide is a top priority of the American people. is sponsoring a competition called Ideas for Change in America and ending the genocide in Darfur is in the finals. But we need your help.

Vote today to ensure that ending the genocide in Darfur is one of the top ten issues that will be presented to the new administration.

President Obama must create a peace surge for Sudan, focused on ending the crisis in Darfur rather than managing it. Tell him that supporting a U.N.-authorized peacekeeping force that actively protects civilians, and holds the perpetrators of the genocide to account, is a priority to you.

Vote now to make Darfur a priority from Day One at

We only have until January 15th to put Darfur on the list. On January 16th, and the Case Foundation will announce the top ten issues, and will then launch a national campaign behind each one.

We aim to make ending the Darfur genocide an administration priority from Day One! Vote today to make your voice heard for the people of Darfur. And after you’ve voted, e-mail your friends, post it to Facebook, or promote it on your blog!

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