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Weekly News Brief: 12.01-12.08


The Government of Sudan has confirmed accusations that it is building up troops in a volatile border region between North and South Sudan.

The Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has appealed to the United Nations to support the arrest warrant the Court is likely to issue soon, perhaps in secret. Ocampo continued to accuseBashir of "inciting violence" and continuing the genocide. Former rebel leader Minni Minawi called on Sudan to cooperate with the ruling as well.

After clashes between Janjaweed militiamen and displaced Darfuris a the Hassa Hissa IDP camp, the UN deployed a team to calm the violence.

Aid operations continue to face many challenges and be under threat as masked men abducted and beat aid workers this week.

Abdel Wahid Mohammed al-Nur, a significant rebel leader, and a number of IDP leaders have resisted pressure and suggestions to engage in peace talks.

A great amount of reports and analysis is coming about the impact the new US administration will have on Sudan, especially Senator Hilary Clinton.

Here is an exclusive interview with Ahmed Haroun, the GoS Minister indicted for war crimes by the ICC


UN chief Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday said he will not visit Burma despite a petition by over 110 former world leaders to visit and press Burma’s military junta to free all political prisoners before the end of this year.


The UN has says the situation in Congo is spiraling out of control and condemns the human rights abuses.

Congo and Rwanda have agreed on a military plan to disband Nkunda’s militia. The UN peacekeeping mission MONUC is hoping for backup from a European Union force.

UN Special Envoy for the crisis in Eastern DRC, Olusegun Obasanjo, met for talks with Laurent Nkunda. Congo’s government has agreed to meet the rebels as well for the first time to formalize a ceasefire.

The UNCHR says more than 90,000 Congolese civilians are unaccounted for after fleeing their homes from the violence.

Human Rights Watch released a report on the situation in the DRC.

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