The student-led movement to end mass atrocities.

From the silver screen to the Wall Street Journal

George Clooney, David Pressman and John Prendergast speak out in a recent op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal.

The trio argues that the world’s two deadliest wars, Darfur and Democratic Republic of Congo, need to be at the top of President Obama’s list of priorities.  Be sure to read the whole thing, but don’t miss the shout-out:

"While we have each participated in our own way in building an advocacy movement around Darfur, it has been the high-school and college students who have made Darfur a political issue too important to be ignored, and who are now preparing similar campaigns for Congo. It is these same young Americans who voted in large numbers for the new president. They are now ready to be led by a President Obama to build a safer world and a safer Africa."

We have made Darfur a political issue too important to be ignored.  We need to keep that momentum up and direct it at the new administration and the new Congress.

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