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From Sudan to the Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Despite China’s desire to hide its connection to genocide, Friday’s Olympic Opening Ceremonies will serve as a powerful reminder of the ongoing violence in Sudan and one man’s long road to safety in the United States.

Lopez Lomong, a Sudanese lost boy and a member of Team Darfur, will bear the flag for the United States this Friday at the Opening Ceremonies of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.  Lomong, who received US citizenship in 2007, was nominated for the honor by Olympic team captains.

His story is an amazing one, taking him from South Sudan to a refugee camp in Kenya before Lomong made a long journey to the United States.  “Running saved my life,” he said, and now Lomong is using running to save the lives of others and to bring the Olympic Dream to Darfur.

You can read more of Lomong’s story here.

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