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Olympic Truce for Darfur

The Beijing Olympics are just around the corner, and much of the world is waiting for the Games to begin. But the people of Darfur have been waiting much longer for something much greater: the stability and safety they need to return to their homes.

The Beijing Olympics represent many contradictions. The Chinese government is hosting the games who’s slogan is "one world, one dream" while sheltering the Government of Sudan, responsible for a heinous genocide in Darfur. The Chinese government is selling advertising rights while selling the Government of Sudan arms that are used for killings in Darfur. The Chinese Government is keeping sacred the Olympic torch while keeping Darfur in flames.

And the Chinese Government is not alone in such contradictions: Obama and McCain are both spending countless amounts of campaign money on Olympic ads despite having both been relatively vocal on Darfur. Meanwhile, those who have been truly vocal on Darfur, such as Olympic speedskater Joey Cheek, have been denied visas to enter China.

Now, with the Olympic Games around the corner, these contradictions are even clearer. We see who is really speaking up for Darfur and who isn’t, who is really holding the torch for human rights and who is just using it as a publicity stunt. As the Games approach, we must be ready to act. Start by checking out this petition from Dream for Darfur. Show the international community that we refuse to settle until it upholds the Olympic dream!

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