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Join AJWS in calling on Pres. Bush to stay home from the Olympic Opening Cermonies

American Jewish World Service (AJWS) is asking you to join them in signing an open letter to President Bush calling on him to not attend he opening cermony of the 2008 Olympics unless China immediately stops sending small arms to Sudan, stops supporting the government of Sudan in the UN Security Council and publicly condemns the killings in Darfur. AJWS believes that the attendance of the President of the United States would implicitly endorse the actions of China, particularly since this would be the first time an American president attended the opening ceremony of the Olympics outside of the United States.

After signing the letter yourself, please forward this link: to everyone you know and ask them to sign it as well. AJWS’s goal is to gather 25,000 signatures by July 8th and we hope you will help them reach it! Please email for more information.

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