The student-led movement to end mass atrocities.

Alaskan Families Adopt Darfurian Refugees

Anchorage, Alaska is a hotbed of antigenocide activism, led by the self-named “five musketeers”: Amy Kearns, Tamar Shai-Bolkvadze, Shawn Powers, Debbie Bock and Kelley Nixon. These five activists have been leading the Alaska divestment movement, arranging meetings with their legislators, state call in days, rallies, die-ins and more. Most recently, these five and their families have taken Darfur refugees under their wing, helping them adjust to a new city, country and way of life. Pictured here is Debbie’s son, Sam Erickson with his new friend Assim Mohammed Toto of Darfur. We applaud the “five musketeers” for their continued dedication to the anti-genocide movement and for opening their homes and lives to the Darfurian members of their community.

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