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Rangoon and R2P

For those of you concerned about the situation in Burma, you should know that aid is slowly beginning to trickle into the country.

However, many are saying that what is happening in Burma right now brings up the question of The Responsibility to Protect, something that STAND holds as one of its founding principles. Click here for the link to the Washington Post article outlining the relationship between R2P and Rangoon.

Key excerpts:

"When a parent abuses or neglects a child, government steps in to offer protection. But who steps in when government abuses or neglects its people? …the United Nations has averted its gaze as Sudan’s government continues to ravage the people of Darfur. It has turned away as Zimbabwe’s rulers terrorize their own people. Now it is bowing to Burma’s sovereignty as that nation’s junta allows more than a million victims of Cyclone Nargis to face starvation, dehydration, cholera and other miseries rather than allow outsiders to offer aid on the scale that’s needed."

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