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Crackdown in the Capitol

There has been a crackdown on "suspected rebels" in the capitol city of Khartoum. However, there are reports that this is more like a crackdown on persons of Darfuri descent, particularly those belonging to the Zaghawa tribe of the rebel movement JEM.

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for an article on the roundups, and read below for an excerpt:

"If you are dark and resemble the people of the Zaghawa tribe … they will take you away," said Fatema Daoud, 22, who belongs to a Darfur rebel faction. "If they hear you speaking the Zaghawa dialect, they will arrest you. My people are living in panic."

Sunday, government pickups circulated through Khartoum loaded with suspects, almost all of whom had dark skin. Soldiers pumped their fists into the air as jubilant onlookers cheered.

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