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Power at the UN: New Space for the Atrocity Prevention Movement


This post was written by STAND’s Education Coordinator, Sean Langberg at the conclusion of our #AccountablePower campaign. 

Barack Obama’s appointment of Samantha Power to lead the United States Mission to the United Nations pleased atrocity prevention advocates across the country, including those of us at STAND.  Power brings new energy to the post and her history as a lifelong champion of civilian protection likely bodes well for Western advocates.  While her appointment is a step forward for the atrocity prevention movement, we must remain more vigilant than ever as violence rages on in Syria, Sudan, Burma, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and elsewhere.  It’s important to remember that Samantha Power represents us and we must hold her accountable.

To welcome her, we gathered and sent pictures of students from across the country holding some of her most salient words.  Even though school’s out for summer, dozens of students replied to our call because they care about the 100,000 people slaughtered in Syria, Rohingya targeted in Burma, and civilians killed everyday in Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

We invite you to join us as we being a new year of mass atrocity prevention.  Look out for our exciting Fall campaigns and be sure to follow our ongoing #Syriasly blog series.  If you’d like to learn more about #AccountablePower or how you can get involved, please email


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