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Top 10 Things You Should Know This Week

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10. Bernard-Henri Levy, British philosopher, debates Western intervention in Syria with Mehdi Hasan on Al-Jazeera’s Head to Head. Says Levy, “We cannot let the blood bath go on like this!” Read more here:

9. A Syrian opposition group has asked all foreign fighters to leave the country. Read more here:

8. Syrian government forces are preparing for an assault on rebel-controlled parts of Aleppo. Read more here:

7. Rockets fired from Northern Syria hit the Lebanese town of Hermel, a Hezbollah mainstay. Read more here:

6. After Sudanese President Bashir orders the shutdown of a pipeline bringing oil to South Sudan, South Sudanese President Kiir has vowed not to return to war. Read more here:

5. An attack by pro-government troops on camp Nertiti North for displaced people in central Darfur killed a doctor and left 15 injured. Read more here:

4. DRC’s M23 rebels are willing to resume talks with the Kinshasa regime after meeting with UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. Read more here:

3. After talks between government forces and Tuareg groups, the UN will deploy peacekeeping forces to Mali. Read more here: 

2. Cambodian opposition politician denies Khmer Rouge crimes at Tuol Sleng prison. Read more here:

1. Reports of at least 60 Shia Muslims killed by rebels in Syria near Deir al-Zour. Read more here:


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