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Fall Preview, Part 2: Getting Up to Speed on Sudan

This is the second in a series of three posts previewing STAND’s upcoming national campaigns for the fall of 2012.

Sudan: Where Are We Now?

STAND was founded in response to the genocide in Darfur. Now, eight years later, things have changed dramatically in Sudan: even as atrocities continue in Darfur, the secession of South Sudan has led to new border-state conflicts characterized, once again, by the targeting and displacement of civilians. Concurrently, while the regime of Omar al-Bashir maintains a seemingly intractable grip on power, citizen protests reminiscent of the Arab Spring have arisen throughout the country.

In order to continue acting as effective advocates for peace in Sudan and South Sudan, STAND students will be working to educate ourselves and our communities about the current situation. In addition, we will seek to deepen connections with members of the Sudanese diaspora community and ensure that their voices are incorporated into our education and advocacy efforts. Resources and action opportunities associated with this campaign will include:

  • Members of the STAND Education Team will lead monthly webinars, each focusing on a different aspect of the crisis in Sudan.
  • The STAND blog will feature a series of short video interviews with members of the Sudanese diaspora.
  • STAND’s Regional Organizers will connect interested chapters to diaspora communities in their areas to collaborate on educational events and facilitate the establishment of long-term relationships with these communities.
  • We will continue to pressure our representatives to support H.R. 4169, the Sudan Peace, Security, and Accountability Act.


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