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Back to the White House – Join us!

On Monday, Mickey Jackson, STAND’s Student Director, and I will join President Obama’s top foreign policy advisors to discuss the administration’s strategy toward sub-Saharan Africa and the role that human rights advocates can play moving forward. We will discuss how, together, we can craft a more responsible, innovative, and progressive foreign policy in the region.

In early June, the Obama administration released its U.S. policy strategy for sub-Saharan Africa. The strategy document outlines potential avenues for U.S. support for democratization, security, economic development, and counterterrorism in sub-Saharan Africa. While policy contradictions persist, the administration’s effort represents a valuable opportunity for human rights advocates to engage in the policy strategy’s future development.

Join us this weekend as we take your questions, concerns, and ideas. We will be closely monitoring our Twitter feed and Facebook page for questions from you. Just tweet us @standnow, use the hashtag #USAfricaPolicy, or post on our wall, and we’ll be sure to include your ideas in the roundtable discussion!

We look forward to reading your questions and representing the STAND community at this meeting.

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