The student-led movement to end mass atrocities.

Managing Committee – Education Coordinator

Being the National Education Coordinator for STAND during the past school year allowed me to grow as an individual, advocate, and student.  My primary jobs included making educational materials for existing conflicts in Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Syria, Skyping with chapters to discuss current events, distributing information about emerging conflicts in North Africa, working with a task force consisting of conflict experts, contributing to campaign planning, and publishing a weekly news update.  These duties are critical for maintaining STAND’s identity as an informed student constituency, but the intangible components of the Managing Committee (MC) are most valuable.  Countless conversations with other MC members and chapters taught me new ways of thinking about conflicts and peace-building strategies.  Also, my work with Jenn Polish, our fabulous intern this year, around diaspora community engagement challenged me to consider creative and inclusive ways of ending conflict rather than conventional military or diplomatic means.  Projects such as this are not in the job description of a MC member, but can be the most valuable.  Last, being education coordinator made me delve more deeply into the history of conflicts and develop a nuanced understanding of conflict drivers.  Overall, my tenure of the MC was transformative and life-changing both intellectually and spiritually. 


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