The student-led movement to end mass atrocities.

Spotlighted Chapter of the Week: STAND UNC – Chapel Hill

This week we’re highlighting STAND at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. STAND UNC sent a 6 person delegation to the United to End Genocide Action Summit in October including STAND National Education Coordinator Sean Langberg. Thanks to STAND UNC for being a part of the Summit!

Lorna Morris
AJ White
Nicole Chaluissant
Kat Kucera
Hanna Kerner
Sean Langberg

"STAND-UNC is grateful for the opportunity to attend the conference last month and looks forward to implementing strategies we learned and maintaining contact with fellow anti-genocide activists."

Mission Statement:
STAND UNC aims to bolster the United States’ and United Nations’ will and capacity to prevent and end genocide and crimes against humanity by building a local student constituency actively fighting to pass genocide prevention legislation, fully implement peace agreements, support democratic institutions, and destroy institutional ideologies such as racism, classism, militarism, imperialism, and isolationism that perpetuate profound human rights violations in conflict areas across the globe.

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