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Spotlighted Chapter of the Week: UT White Rose Society

In our next installment of spotlighted chapters, this week we’re highlighting the University of Texas White Rose Society, who sent a 5 person delegation to the End Genocide Action Summit on October, including STAND Communications Coordinator Shomya Tripathy and STAND Communications Task Force Blogger Zoya Waliany. Thanks guys for coming to the Summit!

UT White Rose Society
Ben Weiss
Shomya Tripathy
Zoya Waliany
Kolby Lee
Tramanh Hoang

"This phenomenal conference has helped reawaken our passion for pursuing our local chapter’s motto, ‘We will not be silent!’"

About the UT White Rose Society: Our name is a tribute to the White Rose Society at Munich University started in 1942, a group of students who spoke out against the Holocaust and Hitler using non-violence. History remembers them as the heroes of the German people. They lost their lives but not the freedom of their hearts and minds. Their motto is now ours: We will not be silent!


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