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Budget Update: Life-Saving Funds Still at Risk in Senate

By Allyson Neville-Morgan

Despite reports last week that the Senate would vote on legislation to fund the international affairs account for the 2012 Fiscal Year, delays have pushed consideration until sometime next week. As we cautioned previously, there are still serious concerns about amendments that would seek to reduce or eliminate critical programs.

The international affairs account (considered as the State and Foreign Operations budget by Congress), supports humanitarian aid, peacekeeping and genocide prevention. Reductions in funding would put lives at risk in countries like Sudan.
Earlier this week, United to End Genocide joined several other groups in urging the Senate to oppose funding cuts to the State and Foreign Operations bill. Over the past several months, we have repeatedly urged both the House and Senate to fully allocate funding for FY12.

How You Can Help: Make the Call.

What to do: Call both of your Senators right now. Contact information for your Senators’ Washington, DC offices can be found here.

What to say: “I am a constituent. I would like to urge the Senator to vote against any amendments that would makes cuts to international affairs funding. I support funding for humanitarian aid, genocide prevention and United Nations peacekeeping.”

Read more about how international affairs funding advances national interests and why funding United Nations peacekeeping missions is such a good deal for the U.S.

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