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National Call-in Day 10/19: STAND Up for Civilians in Syria

 This year’s Arab Spring brought unprecedented change to countries through out the Middle East and North Africa, as civilian protesters took to the streets to demand political change and democratic reform. In many countries, these protests were successful, with results ranging from various governmental reforms to total regime change.  However, in other regions, the Arab Spring turned to the Arab Summer, and now into the Arab Fall.  This is the case in Syria, where the Assad regime has met now seven full months of peaceful protests for change with intensified violence and oppression. The UN has reported that the death toll in the past seven months of protests has reached 3,000, though many human rights groups claim that the death toll is now as high as 5,000 deaths. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, says that 100 people have died in the past 10 days alone. 

It is clear that the Assad regime has no intention of implementing reforms and has completely disregarded the criticism from the international community as more and more protesters continue to be killed every day. We must take action now.
This Wednesday, October 19th call 1-800-GENOCIDE (1-800-436-6243) to ask your Senators to co-sponsor the Syria Sanctions Act of 2011 (SR 1472)
Help mobilize support for civilian protection in Syria and get your friends, family and chapters to make the call. Your phone calls can be the political will we need for our goverment to take decisive action for atrocity prevention in Syria. 
Join us on 10/19 for our National Call-in Day and call 1-800-GENOCIDE to show your support for civilian protection in Syria. 


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