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Get Your Shot at the Spotlight!

Get Your Shot at the Spotlight!


In just a few weeks, hundreds of activists and experts from around the country will convene in Washington, D.C. for a common theme and purpose: creating a generation without genocide. Are you one of them? We already know that many of you are heading to D.C. for the weekend, and we can’t wait to meet and hear from every one of you. You guys have shown your commitment as passionate and talented activists and now you deserve some recognition. We want to highlight as many of your chapters as possible following the conference and give you the credit that you deserve. To do so we will feature every chapter that sends 5 or more people to the conference on the homepage for a week!  
So, what does your chapter need to do to get a shot at STAND fame? Recruit 4 other people and register now for the United to End Genocide Action Summit: Creating a Generation Without Genocide. Make sure to let us know what school you’re coming from when you complete your registration!

Then, following the conference, we’ll feature every chapter that sent 5 or more people on our homepage for a week! It’s that easy! Your chapter can send us a photo, story, blog post, or whatever it is that you want your fellow upSTANDers to know about you, and we’ll feature it on the homepage — so start recruiting now!

Already signed up 5 people? We’ve got you guys covered too, stay tuned to the blog for more exciting competition announcements coming soon!

Wanna know who your competition is? Check out who’s coming to the conference below with our map of conference attendees!



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