The student-led movement to end mass atrocities.

Apply for the STAND MC Today: Task Force Member Rachel Merkin Gives Testimonial

Name: Rachel Merkin

Position: Media Coordinator

School: Ithaca College, 2011

My experience as the Media Coordinator has taught me a lot about the Anti-Genocide Movement and the future career I aspire to.  I was fortunate to have the experience to work both with chapter leaders teaching them about creating media materials and communications documents, and attempted to pitch media on a national level for STAND as a whole.  Tracking media coverage from chapters and creating a spreadsheet of all of the coverage from the whole academic year helped me understand how wide STAND’s reach is, and how impactful student work can be.  Creating media materials and tutorials on how to write documents such as media alerts, pitch letters, and press releases was great practice for the career I aspire to in public relations, and fulfilling to be able to pass that knowledge along to younger STAND activists.  Working on the pitch process for national media taught me a lot about the news cycle and how difficult it is to garner national media attention.  Serving as the National Media Coordinator was a fun yet informative experience.  It was really rewarding to work for the genocide prevention movement and gain experience that I can use after graduation at the same time.

Applications are open till May 23rd. You can apply for the STAND’s Managing Committee or a Task Force.


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