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Durham Academy STAND Kicks Off Conflict Minerals Campaign

About a week ago, Durham Academy STAND members wrote letters to different electronic companies concerning their involvement with conflict free minerals in Congo. We had been inspired to increase our involvement in the Congo after hearing Omekongo’s moving speech at UNC concerning the violence occurring in Congo due to conflict minerals. By visiting the Electronic Company Rankings on Raise Hope for Congo (Conflict Minerals Company Rankings), we could see which companies were making an effort to secure conflict free mineral supply chains in Congo and which electronic companies were not. Next, we modified the sample letter that can be sent to each company (this sample letter can be accessed by clicking on the electronic company) and each member wrote about 2-3 letters to an electronic company in red (or companies that had not made any effort to become conflict free) which were then sent out to the given company’s headquarters across the nation. This activity was an easy and meaningful way that we could get involved to help fight for conflict free minerals in Congo!



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