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Take Action Now: U.S. Dragging Its Feet in Libya Crisis Response

The U.S. government response to the present crisis has been little more than weak-kneed. In an interview yesterday, State Department spokesperson described the Qaddafi regime’s targeted killings of civilian protesters as a matter of internal concern:

"This is ultimately and fundamentally an issue between the Libyan government, its leader and the Libyan people," [Crowley] told reporters. "We have grave concerns about the Libyan response to these protesters. We continue to be guided by our fundamental principles: we don’t want to see any further violence."

The U.S. government is dragging its feet in response to the present crisis in Libya. Call the U.S. State Department now to urge Secretary Clinton to support the implementation of a no-fly zone over Libya, seek justice for Col. Qaddafi’s crimes at the International Criminal Court, and take steps to further isolate Col. Qaddafi from the international community. Take action now: call Secretary Clinton at 202-647-5291, and let her hear the voice of the movement for justice and peace in Libya.


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