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Arizona State University: RISE UP for Human Rights Rally

Written by Athena Salman:
ASU Senior and Organizer of RISE UP for Human Rights Rally
On International Human Rights Day, students from all across the state gathered at the University of Arizona to demand that the Arizona Board of Regents take stances on the human rights violations in Arizona, nationally and globally. This rally was called RISE UP for Human Rights Rally and featured human rightsteach-ins. The ASU STAND chapter played a role in the organization of this rally while providing insight on socially responsible investing.
Socially Responsible Investing
Last month, I began to educate myself about socially responsible investing (SRI) when I learned that students at Arizona State University were trying to create a committee to assess the social embeddedness of the universities investments and spending. During the Arizona Board of Regents Call to the Audience, Danielle Bäck, president of the ASU Coalition for Human Rights, testified about the lack of transparency in Arizona State University’s spending, leading many human rights organizations and activists to question ASU’s financial ties to human rights conflicts abroad. Students have been demanding transparency with ASU’s finances since 2006 and have continually met with silence by President Michael Crow and the university administration. This coming semester, ASU will partake in campaigns to divest from Sudan and in the Congo. This rally was an opportunity to kick start the campaigns and makes ASU a more socially responsible academic institution.




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